Loc. Ponte Nina, 2 - 63828 – CAMPOFILONE (FM)
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Casa Petrini


San Benedetto del Tronto
With its more than 8000 palms trees definitely offers an exotic landscape, in fact is also called "Riviera delle Palme".

Ascoli Piceno
It's certainly a city of great interest and beauty. From the wonderful roman ruins to the romantic and the gothic buildings and to the other artistic elements, this city never stops to spring surprises, expecially in the famous Piazza del Popolo.

Noble and very ancient the city is rooted in the pre-roman age. Nowadays Fermo is a city of study and culture, rich of art and monuments.

It's one of the centers of Christianity and inside its Basilica there is the Virgin Mary's House. Visiting Loreto is really a suggestive experience and you can immediately catch the architectural aspects which mark the city such as the bastions, the towers and the sixteenth-century walls which envelop the Nazareth House Sanctuary.